Nonlinear Imaging of Acoustic Biomolecules

Website-01Congratulations to David, Anu, Audrey, Johan, Yu-Li, Ray and our collaborator Dennis Kochmann on their article in Applied Physics Letters describing the development of nonlinear pulse sequences to maximize ultrasound contrast from gas vesicle protein nanostructures.

Article: Nonlinear ultrasound imaging of nanoscale acoustic biomolecules

See also a complementary article in Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology with collaborators at UofT detailing gas vesicles’ acoustic behavior.

New class of MRI reporter genes in Nature Communications

fig1a-illusCongratulations to Arnab, Di and Hunter on their article in Nature Communications describing the membrane water channel aquaporin as a new class of reporter genes for magnetic resonance imaging.

Article: Non-invasive imaging using reporter genes altering cellular water permeability
Press release: Visualizing Gene Expression with MRI

Thermal bioswitches for remote control of microbes in Nature Chemical Biology

ncb-cover-2016Congratulations to Dan, Mohamad, Brittany and Audrey on their article in Nature Chemical Biology describing the development of “bacterial thermostats” that allow microbial therapeutics to be controlled remotely using ultrasound, respond to fever, or know when they have exited their host.

Article: Tunable thermal bioswitches for in vivo control of microbial therapeutics.
Press release: Biologists Give Bacteria Thermostat Controls
Video: Scientists Engineer Therapeutic Bacteria to Listen to Us
Highlight: Nature Methods

Looking inside an MRI voxel

Congratulations to Hunter, Pradeep, Aadyot, Audrey and our collaborators at Harvard on a new study using NV diamond magnetometry to examine the microscale origins of MRI contrast. A preprint describing this work has been posted on arXiv.


Acoustic Protein Nanostructures on the Cover of ACS Nano


Congratulations to Anupama, Arash, Suchita, Audrey, Ray and David on their cover article in the September issue of ACS Nano! Their work describes how gas vesicles can be engineered at the level of their protein composition and sequence to exhibit new acoustic properties and molecular targeting.

Article: Molecular Engineering of Acoustic Protein Nanostructures
Press release: Designing ultrasound tools with lego-like proteins

Third Annual Shapiro Lab Beach Party


Hermosa Beach, California, July 16, 2016. Thanks to everyone who came!

Second Annual Shapiro Lab Beach Party

Beautiful day at the ocean! Corona Del Mar, California, August 1, 2015

Reporter gene for Hyperpolarized MRI published in Nature Chemistry


Our article on “Genetically encoded reporters for hyperpolarized xenon magnetic resonance imaging” has been published in Nature Chemistry. It describes how the the xenon-binding capabilities of gas vesicles allow them to be detected non-invasively at picomolar concentrations.

Link to the Article
Editor’s Choice in Science Translational Medicine


First annual Shapiro Lab beach party

Thanks to all the lab members, family and friends who joined us for our first annual beach party at Bosla Chica beach!



Ultrasound work published in Nature Nanotechnology


Our article on the use of microbe-derived gas vesicles as molecular imaging agents for ultrasound has been published.

Link to the Article

News and Views by Mark Borden

Ultrasound movie of injected gas vesicles

Congratulations to everyone involved in this study and our continuing work on genetically encoded and engineered imaging agents for ultrasound!