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Shapiro Lab annual beach party 2021

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the annual Shapiro Lab beach party at Hermosa Beach, CA. Awesome to be together again in the sun!

Supramolecular assembly of gas vesicles

Congratulations to Yuxing, Zhiyang, Bill and Dina on uncovering the biophysics of gas vesicle self-assembly, a process leading to beautiful nanoscale arrangements inside and outside cells.

Yao Y, Jin Z, Ling B, Malounda D, Shapiro MG*. Self-assembly of protein superstructures by physical interactions under cytoplasm-like conditions. Biophysical Journal 120, 2701-2709 (2021). article

Ultrafast biomolecular ultrasound

Congratulations to Claire, Di, Bill, Zhiyang and Dina on developing ultrafast amplitude modulation (uAM), a new method to acquire biomolecular ultrasound images in a fraction of a millisecond, with simultaneous imaging of blood flow.

Rabut C, Wu D, Ling B, Jin Z, Malounda D, Shapiro MG*. Ultrafast amplitude modulation for molecular and hemodynamic ultrasound imaging. Applied Physics Letters 118, 244102 (2021). article | bioRxiv preprint

Magnetically-enhanced GI colonization

Congratulations to Marjorie, Pradeep and colleagues on their new paper in Advanced Materials describing the use of magnetic fields to help probiotic agents localize and colonize within the mammalian gastrointestinal tract. This technology can help bacterial therapies find and establish themselves in their niche without disruptive antibiotics.

Buss MT#, Ramesh P#, English MA, Lee-Gosselin A, Shapiro MG*. Spatial control of probiotic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract assisted by magnetic particles. Advanced Materials 33, 2007473 (2021).

Ultrasound-actuated bacterial immunotherapy

Congratulations to Mohamad, Michael and colleagues on their new study describing the development of ultrasound-controlled bacterial immunotherapy for solid tumors. This work increases the specificity and safety of an important class of emerging therapeutics by combining gene circuit engineering with ultrasound physics.

Abedi MH#, Yao M#, Mittelstein DR, Bar-Zion A, Swift MB, Lee-Gosselin A, Shapiro MG*. Acoustic remote control of bacterial immunotherapy. bioRxiv preprint

Ultrasonic brain-machine interfaces

Congratulations to Sumner, David, Vasileios and colleagues on their new paper describing the use of functional ultrasound imaging to decode movement intentions. This work represents a critical first step towards minimally invasive, ultrasound-based brain-machine interfaces. Thanks to wonderful collaborators Richard Andersen and Mickaël Tanter.

Norman SL#, Maresca D#, Christopoulos VN#, Griggs WS, Demene C, Tanter M, Shapiro MG*, Andersen RA*. Single-trial decoding of movement intentions using functional ultrasound neuroimaging. Neuron 109, 1554-1566 (2021). article | press