Bacterial Acoustic Reporter Genes
From Bourdeau et al, Nature 553, 86–90 (2018).
Plasmids available from Addgene.

Mammalian Acoustic Reporter Genes
From Farhadi et al, Science 365, 1469-75 (2019).
Plasmids available from Addgene.

Acoustic Protein Nanostructures
From Lakshmanan et al, ACS Nano 10, 7314-7322 (2016).
Plasmids available from Addgene.

From Farhadi et al, AIChE Journal (2018).
Plasmid available from Addgene.

Thermal Bioswitches
From Piraner, Abedi et al, Nature Chemical Biology 13, 75-80 (2017).
Plasmids available from Addgene.

Monte Carlo Simulations of Diffusing Nuclear Spins
From Mukherjee, Wu et al, Nature Communications (2016).
Matlab and Python Scripts (ZIP file)

Other Resources
ATAC Central: Resources for Acoustically Targeted Chemogenetics
From Szablowski et al, Nature Biomedical Engineering 2, 474-484 (2018).
ATAC central website.

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