Acoustic Reporter Genes 2.0 for Mammalian Cells and Bacteria
From Hurt, Buss, Duan et al, Nature Biotechnology (2023).
Plasmids available from Addgene.

Acoustic Biosensors of Protease Activity
From Lakshmanan, Jin et al, Nature Chemical Biology 16, 988-996 (2020).
Plasmids available from Addgene.

Mammalian Acoustic Reporter Genes
From Farhadi et al, Science 365, 1469-75 (2019).
Plasmids available from Addgene.

Bacterial Acoustic Reporter Genes
From Bourdeau et al, Nature 553, 86–90 (2018).
Plasmids available from Addgene.

Acoustic Protein Nanostructures
From Lakshmanan et al, ACS Nano 10, 7314-7322 (2016).
Plasmids available from Addgene.

From Farhadi et al, AIChE Journal (2018).
Plasmid available from Addgene.

Thermal Bioswitches
From Piraner, Abedi et al, Nature Chemical Biology 13, 75-80 (2017).
Plasmids available from Addgene.

BURST Pulse Sequence
From Sawyer et al, Nature Methods (2021).
Matlab Scripts (ZIP file)

uAM Pulse Sequence
From Rabut et al, Applied Physics Letters (2021).
Matlab Scripts (ZIP file)

Monte Carlo Simulations of Diffusing Nuclear Spins
From Mukherjee, Wu et al, Nature Communications (2016).
Matlab and Python Scripts (ZIP file)

Other Resources
ATAC Central: Resources for Acoustically Targeted Chemogenetics
From Szablowski et al, Nature Biomedical Engineering 2, 474-484 (2018).
ATAC central website.

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