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We are building a team of exceptional scientists and engineers who are interested in pursuing fundamentally innovative ideas in a multidisciplinary research environment. Highly talented and motivated people at all stages of their academic careers are welcome to get in touch.

Post-doctoral fellows: please email your CV and a brief statement of research accomplishments, interests and career plans to Prof. Shapiro.

Caltech-MIT-IBS Science Pioneer Fellowship: a special post-doctoral opportunity for citizens of South Korea to pursue a joint post-doctoral fellowship between our lab and the Institute for Basic Science at Yonsei University. Additional Information

PhD students: we welcome exceptional students from any relevant program at Caltech, including ChemE, BioE, Biochem, Chem, Bio, Microbio, CNS, APh and others. If you are admitted or coming to campus for an interview, please get in touch.

Undergraduates: please email your CV and brief statement of research interests to Prof. Shapiro.

Shapiro Lab AC Martin  /   Photo by Tom BonnerFun2014-2-lo


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