Acoustic Reporter Genes 2.0

The first generation of acoustic reporter genes provided a key proof of concept but were insensitive, burdensome and impossible to image continuously. Welcome ARG 2.0! These new reporter genes provide much greater sensitivity, nonlinear ultrasound contrast, and ease-of-use for expression in a variety of cell types. Congrats to Rob, Marjorie, Tom and colleagues on this major advance! Constructs for mammalian cells and bacteria available on Addgene.

Hurt RC#, Buss MT#, Duan M#, Wong K, You MY, Sawyer DP, Swift MB, Dutka P, Barturen-Larrea P, Mittelstein DR, Jin Z, Abedi MH, Farhadi A, Dephande R, Shapiro MG*. Genomically mined acoustic reporter genes for real-time in vivo monitoring of tumors and tumor-homing bacteria. Nature Biotechnology 41, 919 (2023). article

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