Acoustic window to the human brain

Can we image and decode brain activity with ultrasound noninvasively in adult humans? Yes, by installing a permanent customized acoustic window. Congratulations to Claire, Sumner, Whitney and our collaborators at Caltech (Richard Andersen) and USC (Charles Liu, Vasileios Christopoulos et al.) on this advance in human brain imaging. This is also the product of our long collaboration with Mickael Tanter and colleagues in Paris.

Rabut C#, Norman S#*, Griggs W#, Russin JJ, Jann K, Christopoulos V, Liu C*, Andersen RA*, Shapiro MG*. Functional ultrasound imaging of human brain activity through an acoustically transparent cranial window. Science Translational Medicine 16, eadj3143 (2024). article | press

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